• Michael Formal Belt (Barna)
  • Michael Formal Belt (Barna)

Michael Formal Belt

Termékszám 9105187-90665


Buckle up in style, with the ECCO MICHAEL Formal Belt, designed with versatility in mind. The reversible leather belt strap is the smart way to mix up your formal wardrobe, allowing you to switch between sleek ‘Black’ and sophisticated ‘Cocoa Brown’, as the week goes by. Thread the 3.5cm-wide strap through the loop of your suit trousers, and flick the subtle buckle with brushed detailing for a contemporary look.

  • Minimal, highly refined formal belt inspired by ECCO's design heritage
  • Elegantly crafted from the finest Italian leather from a specialist belt tannery
  • Discreet buckle design with rectangular prong buckle and metal loop
  • Reversible and adjustable strap measures 3.5cm in width, to fit most standard trousers
  • Choose your perfect fit from 2 available strap lengths for your ideal fit: 100cm and 120cm

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